Become an Impact Human Investor.
Invest in people and get up to 7-20%
annual interest rate
Equity crowd founding platform where you can invest High Potential specialists and freelancers all over the world and your country. Earn by helping others.
You can invest not just in companies, but in people.
We select undervalued specialists from 23 to 36 years old in the United States and all over the world and help them grow their income 2X by switching to freelance or changing their career. We cooperate with corporations, recruiters and recruitment agencies.
Inbox Evaluation
Our AI and recruiters study all the data on the potential, experience, living conditions, environment, social networks and the financial condition of the candidate.
3 weeks
Online pre-accelerator
Candidates go through an online course, where they complete individual and group tasks. This stage helps to avoid easy money seekers.

At the end of free month course, we will offer investors 10 candidates for consideration.
3-6 months
The participant works with a mentor and psychologist, undergoes professional retraining, we help people pack themselves, develop their soft skills, increase self-esteem.
2 years
Upon getting employed employment, the participant gives away from 7-20% of his monthly income within two years.

By the end of the year an investor will get his full investment back 7-20% interest rate (depending on a country of investors).
Invest in a few candidates at the same time
Diversify your risks, helping to grow several participants at once.
You can influence
on their results
An investor can also be a mentor, help a participant to learn new skills, give him an internship opportunity or introduce potential clients and employers. This increases the rate of return on investment.
The participant receives money only when completing tasks
That is, you do not give the whole amount at once. The participant receives it as a conditional "salary", completing the tasks of a mentor, coach, psychologist, successfully completing training and interviews.
Controlling income, expenses of participants
and risk management
The investor and the platform are aware of all the income (even unofficial) of the participant during the program until dividends are paid.
Start invest to people.
Very easy to get started. Change the world. Get a profit.
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