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Paul Smith
Это бесплатно
We refund your life cost
for 3-6 months

You can retrain, find a new job or become a freelancer and double your income.
People Investor
Person, who has already achieved success in his professional field and invests in other people.
Champion (you)
Within 3-6 months, we help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, quickly improve your skills and find a new company in any industry.
Career Conultant
Our community and online-platform
Mentor and coach
We want to give you an opportunity to change your life.
We give you a resources — money, mentor and our platform
In 3 months we will help you to increase your value 2X, find a new employer who will value you or search projects if you decide to become a freelancer. You don't spent your own money. And you will begin to return the investments to your investors only when you find you a new job with an income.
Who is our platform for?
  • Age 24-36 years old
  • You already work and earn max $1000 per month
  • Good social skills
  • Your current profession doesn't matter
  • You never took loans, or you have fully paid back by now
My work, boss or company
hold me hostage
I like my job, but there is no career promotion and low salary.
I'm tired of working from morning till night and I want to become a freelancer
I want to try myself in a different professional area, but I have not much savings for that
How to get to the program?
First you fill out application and write an essay. Then you will go through a three-week pre-accelerating program and tell investors about yourself.
Application, testing, CV and online interview
Monthly free online course and selection
Hight potential candidates
get on the program
Conditions. How am I paying for this?
Upon completing the program and getting an income, you will start paying back to your investors and our platform 10-20% of your monthly income for just for two years.
We know how to help anyone become a demanded specialist.
And we share our knowledge, experience and responsibility for the result.
What is you name?
Your e-mail
Social Network Link
Your City and Country
Phone number
Whats your education?
What do you work with? What are your job responsibilities?
Total work experience (in years)
Current monthly income
How much money is left by the end of the month?
Why did you decide to fill out an application?
What prevents you from getting this without us?
Have you done something to solve the problem? What?
Attach your detailed CV
Attach your one-page essay
Tell us about yourself, your experience, motivation, your expectations. And the main question: why do you believe that we can help you and you can handle it?